European Parliament: PETI sends Fact Finding Mission to Washington D.C. regarding FATCA

The Committee on Petitions (PETI) of the European Parliament is sending a delegation to the US to discuss the harm done by FATCA. Read PETI’s announcement:

18-07-2022 09:00

Fact Finding Mission to Washington D.C.

A delegation of the PETI Committee will go to Washington DC from 18 to 22 July, to raise awareness and discuss the impact of the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) on EU citizens and to have exchanges of views with tax officials, Senators and Representatives in Congress and stakeholders, to find concrete solutions for the problems of the numerous EU citizens and their family members impacted by the extraterritorial application of citizenship-based taxation.

The PETI delegation is a follow-up of recently discussed petitions relating to the effects of FATCA on EU citizens, especially those with dual EU-US nationality, including difficulties for US residents in the European Union to access some financial services and alleged infringements of EU rights and exemptions from some consumer protection legislation.

Members participating in the mission:
Yana TOOM (Renew) – Chair of Delegation
Cristina MAESTRE (S&D)
Ulrike MÜLLER (Renew)
Marc ANGEL (S&D)



More information:

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