FATCA in the European PETI-commission on 2 September 2021 | are European residents entitled to protection against unlawful U.S. legislation?

In an earlier post I wrote about a European FATCA petition against discrimination of European residents by financial institutions based on American nationality. The petitioners yesterday sent a press release and informed the public that their petition on 2 September will be presented to the PETI-commission (Committee on Petitions) of the European Parliament.


More information:

Petition 0323/2021 by G.L. (French), bearing four signatures, on alleged infringement of certain rights of bi-national European/American citizens resultingfrom FATCA (In the presence of the petitioner) Petition 1470/2020 by Ronald Ariës (Dutch) on problems with FATCA following a change of bank (In the presence of the petitioner) Petition 394/2021 by Lee Nicholas (American) on exemption of US nationals from PRIIPS regulations due to FATCA (In the presence of the petitioner)


RE: Presentation of petition 0323/2021 to European Parliament on September 2nd 2021 at 13:45 in public streaming (link below):

TOPIC: On discrimination by EU Commission/Euratom in the SURE and NextGenEU bonds that prohibit EU US bi nationals and solely US citizens to purchase those bonds due to FATCA.

The EU Commission and Euratom discriminate 1,2 million EU/US citizens and hundreds of thousands of solely US citizens by prohibiting “US persons” to purchase SURE and Next Generation EU/Green bonds in their prospectuses of December 2019 and June 2021.

In those EU regulated documents a “US Person” is defined by the US tax code of 1986 in which a “US Person” is a US citizen. This constitutes a gross breach of the Charter of Fundamental Rights (article 21.2) and the TFEU (article 18) which prohibit discrimination on the grounds of nationality.

As a result of the Capital Markets Union, all financial documentation is strictly regulated by EU law.

At least 21 of the world’s major asset management companies working in the EU follow the EU Commission & Euratom lead and discriminate us too with their total impunity.

The most important of our 14 requests to the European Parliament (EP) is to ask 1 – the vote a motion of censure to remove the discriminatory, fundamental rights violating von der Leyen Commission. 2 – as is its right, the EP order ESMA to investigate 11 National Competent authorities that tolerate discrimination in EU regulated documents namely KIDs, prospectuses, marketing material and websites in Luxembourg, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Sweden and Denmark

Our Petition 0323/2021 is available as well as direct access to the 1300 discriminating & EU law breaching documents of the EU & Euratom and those of major asset management companies at


The second gross breach of EU law is that Member States, by considering bi nationals in the EU, US citizens because of FATCA, have stripped us of our EU citizenship.

Look please at our very complete website (URL above) which will provide you with all the documents you need as well as a recent (July 2021), but unforgiving editorial on EU/Euratom discrimination in the SURE bonds’ prospectus by Régis Bismuth, law professor at Sciences Po in Paris.

The presentation to PETI of our petition will be transmitted live on webstreaming at @13h45 CET on September 2nd and available to the public at:



Contact: eupetition.endfatca@gmail.com

Over Ellen Timmer, advocaat ondernemingsrecht @Pellicaan

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