European petitioners ask the European Parliament to launch a motion of censure against the European Commission | FATCA

A group of European petitioners calls on the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to launch a motion of censure against the European Commission.

Their press release of 14 January:

International  group of EU petitioners call on MEPs to launch a motion of censure against the European Commission

As the European Commission attempts to strengthen its brand with European citizens through various new participation schemes and marketing on social media channels, the gap between the Commission and the people it purports to serve is only widening.

Resolutions and questions from the European Parliament, the elected representatives of European citizens are routinely ignored (see letter signed by 183 MEPs on 15 November 2021), making a mockery of 705 MEPs in front of their constituents.

This group of EU petitioners is also deeply disappointed in the democratic functioning of the European Union. Since 2016, they have filed various petitions (1088/2016; 1470/2020; 0394/2021 and 0323/2021), against the consequences of the FATCA IGAs between member states and the United States. More than 1,000 signatures have been collected. It has been shown that various EU Regulations and EU Directives are being violated and that the Commission does indeed have a responsibility and duty to intervene. The Commission has even appeared to mislead Parliament here and here about their role in the drafting of the FATCA IGAs.

After many PETI committee hearings, along with extensive analyses provided by experts to the Commission and Parliament including a report by the Council of Europe, and a high-profile resolution in favour of accidental Americans passed by an overwhelming majority in 2018, the Commission refuses to take its responsibility and stand up for the rights of European citizens.

Public report and open discussion about the US as a “backsliding democracy” show that Europe is increasingly aware that the United States has become an unreliable partner; this should motivate the Commission to hold it accountable, rather than providing its implicit consent for continuing violations of fundamental rights.

It is apparent that the Commission attaches more importance to trade interests with the United States than to the rights of more than 1.2 million European citizens, overlooking notable developments such as the US rejection of a domestic version of FATCA due to concerns about privacy rights for people living in the US, a poor data security record at the IRS, and a wave of GDPR rulings indicating that the United States government cannot be trusted with comparably trivial data.

If this farce continues, it will be the death for confidence in the role of the European Union. 

The group of international petitioners calls on the European Parliament to stop allowing itself to be misled and strung along on this and a multitude of other issues, and to begin a Motion of Censure on the Commission.

Doing so is the only way to save the rule of law and protect Fundamental Rights in Europe.

See attached the petitioners letter to PETI Chair Ms Dolors Montseratti, dated 14 January 2022.

For information on “ending FATCA” initiatives around the world see:


Pdf-versions: the press release and the letter to the PETI chair

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