Surveillance firm Palantir is creeping into Europe | Sophie in ’t Veld

Read the newest letter to the European Commission of 22 December 2020, at the end of this article.

Sophie in’t Veld, member of the European Parliament, warns in her article Palantir is not our friend that the US-based tech firm is dangerous for European citizens:

It is one of Silicon Valley’s most controversial private technology firms, specialising in providing big data analytics software to government and corporate entities alike. Palantir’s fingerprints were all over the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which prompted the #deletefacebook movement.

She is worried that European institutions and national governments are supporting and facilitating this surveillance firm:

A company with Palantir’s track record should not be considered as a partner for any EU-wide project, and the European Commission knows it. This secretive corporation is at odds with the European values many EU-citizens hold dear, such as privacy, civil liberties, and transparency of government — not to mention the strategic implications of cooperating with an American intelligence contractor. 

She concludes that Europe should kick its addiction to US tech corporations and make choices in line with European values and its geopolitical ambition.

It’s an interesting article.

Questions in the European Parliament
On 10 June 2020 In’t Veld asked questions in the European Parliament (EP) on the use by the European Commission of Palantir software (article Euractiv). There is no answer yet.
Other Palantir questions in the EP:
# question of 13 January 2020, answered on 9 June;
# question of 1 July 2020 (no answer yet).



The article was published on about:intel, European Voices on Surveillance, that publishes articles dealing with intelligence law and practice, surveillance, and privacy (read their contact page).




Addition 22 December 2020
Palantir is involved in European surveillance systems through the Gaia project. Read the questions by Sophie in’t Veld:


Her tweets:





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