Watch and shiver: European AML in the future | 30 September conference EC | AMLR

Watch and shiver how Europe will create a harmonized anti-money laundering (AML) regime that is harming citizens even more than the current system. Read the news alert by the European Commission of 28 September, announcing a conference that takes place tomorrow:

Anti-Money Laundering online conference
Dirty money infiltrating financial systems is a threat to financial stability and to the safety of our citizens. Just before summer, the EU Commission published an action plan on AML. Recent [FinCEN] revelations in the media have made this topic even more urgent.
The EU Commission is hosting an online conference about Closing the door on dirty money on 30 September at 14:00 (CET).
Among a great list of speakers, we will have Nicola Gratteri, Chief Prosecutor of Catanzo, and François Molins, General Prosecutor at the French Court of Cassation.
More info, including the link to the streaming when it goes live, can be found on the conference page.
You can post your questions using the hashtag #StopDirtyMoneyEU.


In the meantime citizens suffer under AML-bureaucracy:


Read this twitter thread by AML-expert Lelieveldt who explains the real history of AML and how critics are silenced in the name of the good cause:

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