Privacy Shield: MEPs to assess the future of EU-US personal data flows | EU, GDPR

Members of the European Parliament will discuss Privacy Shield. Civil Liberties MEPs will tomorrow discuss ways forward on transatlantic data transfers following the ECJ’s ruling invalidating the Privacy Shield decision. Read the press release of today. The agenda is here.

From the press release:

MEPs want to assess the level of protection of fundamental rights of European citizens in transatlantic transfers of personal data for commercial purposes, as well as the impact of the judgment on other current or future instruments related to EU-US data exchanges for law enforcement purposes. (…)

The Court of Justice ruled on 16 July (Schrems II) that the current Commission’s adequacy decision was invalid and that the EU-US Privacy Shield does not guarantee the level of data protection required by the Union’s data protection legislation and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. The Court was particularly concerned by extent of access to transferred personal data enjoyed by the US public authorities for national security purposes and lack of adequate judicial protection provided to European citizens in the US. The Court also upheld the validity of Standard Contractual Clauses for international transfers.

The 2016 Privacy Shield agreement allows companies to transfer personal data of European citizens to the US if they can guarantee the standards agreed. Some 5000 companies are currently using this arrangement for the transfer of data, including Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

Over Ellen Timmer, advocaat ondernemingsrecht @Pellicaan

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