No ‘tax justice’ for US persons | FATCA

The disregard of certain NGOs involved in crime fighting – like Tax Justice – for fundamental rights, is astonishing. Tax Justice shows no interest at all for the detrimental effects of the legislation of certain countries. E.g. they show no interest at all for the unlawful US legislation, like Citizenship-Based Taxation (that harms all US persons that are tax residents of the EU) and FBAR.



There was no reaction to this tweet I wrote to them:



They call themselves a NGO, but are they really working for the good of the people? Or are they the marketing instruments of wealthy individuals or groups that finance them through their funds and in that way promote their political agenda. According to the annual accounts in 2021 most of the funding came from Open Society Foundations, Ford Foundation ($2,000,000!) and similar funds (page 20).


BACKGROND: US law causing problems for its citizens

The US has a different system of taxation from all other countries in the world, ‘Citizenship-Based Taxation’ (CBT), read my introduction in Dutch on FATCA and several articles in English, e.g.

FATCA and CBT show that governments may harm decent people in their efferts to ‘slash the scope for tax abuse’.

Over Ellen Timmer

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