22 + 23 September: inaugural lecture Anna Berlee on public personal data & GDPR symposium | data protection and public registers, including BO-registers, and ‘open data’

Those who are interested in the disclosure of personal data for public purposes, for example through the trade register, the ubo-register (register of beneficial owners, BO-register), the land register and in the context of disclosure of government information, are advised to take note of Anna Berlee’s inaugural lecture on 22 September at the Open Universiteit in Heerlen. The subject of her lecture is ‘Public personal data‘, there will be a livestream.

The lecture is part of a two day symposium with the title Data protection as the law of everything, that is open to anyone interested in the field. Michael Bobek, who, as A-G at the European Court of Justice, wrote many conclusions on data protection, will be present and participate in a panel discussion. Other participants are professors of law Gerrit-Jan Zwenne, Nady Purtova and Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius. There will be several lectures.

The language of the symposium is English, with the exception of the lecture. Registration is possible until 15 September. For more information, visit the symposium page.

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