FATF consultation on the transparency and beneficial ownership of legal arrangements | AML, CFT, ubo-register

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is conducting a review of the recommendation on the transparency and beneficial ownership of legal arrangements (e.g. trusts), on LinkedIn they wrote:

How can the FATF strengthen the international standard on beneficial ownership for trusts and other legal arrangements to stop criminals exploiting them to hide dirty money? Three months after toughening up its global beneficial ownership rules for legal persons, the FATF is revising its standards in other interlinked areas.
We want to hear your comments on what needs to be done.
Deadline for comments: 1 August 2022 (18h00 CEST).

Amongst others FATF is considering to revise the definition of legal arrangements and the FATF is considering to limit the scope of risk assessment and mitigation obligations to such legal arrangements that have sufficient links with the countries.

More information in the article ‘Revision of Recommendation 25 – White Paper for Public Consultation‘ (pdf).

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