Notaries of Europe: “Anti-money laundering: the importance of the economic method” (or believing in miracles?) | AML, CFT

The European organisation of notaries, Council of the Notariats of the European Union (CNUE) published the article Anti-money laundering: the importance of the economic method. It is an interview with Mr. Cappiello, an expert of the Consiglio Nazionale del Notariato, who believes in data analysis and impact assessments as a basis for AML/CFT legislation.

This is amazing as in the Netherlands the shadows of AML-legislation are very clearly shown by the banks: the system is expensive, does not lead to good results (searching for a needle in a haystack) and causes de-risking and exclusion.

The European notaries however still believe in miracles:

In thanking A. Cappiello for his valuable contribution, I take this opportunity to remind that – starting from the results of the study on the OECD PMR indicator – CNUE will produce a more in depth macroeconomic study. In fact, given the growing need to relate to the indicators proposed by the main international organizations and considering the globalization of the professional services, socio-economic analyses that can highlight the efficiency and good economic performance of notary services at European level are of paramount importance.

Over Ellen Timmer

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