Who is behind OCCRP? | Suisse Secrets

Dutch political journalist Karlijn Kuijpers this morning told on the Dutch radio NPO 1 that to her regret there were no interesting Dutch account holders in the ‘Suisse Secrets’, the newest ‘leak’ made public by Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP).

It is interesting that OCCRP pretends to be independent and that it is always ‘vague’ about the way they get the data. Is it fed by the American secret services or by criminals? What are the reasons for these secret services or criminals to ‘leak’ these data to ‘independent’ journalists and what is their political agenda? Why are these data not obtained in a legitimate way by the U.S. government or U.S. authorities? Are these journalists being used to cover up criminal acts?

There are no real independent investigative journalists to look into this matter.

Hack-and-leak-operations by U.S. agencies?
In an article on Grayzone, Was the hacking of Ottawa trucker convoy donors a US-Canadian intelligence operation?, the author writes “CIA hack-and-leak operations are an increasingly common information warfare tactic“. The OCCRP, which is allowed to disclose stolen material at the behest of the Secret Service, is cited in the article as an example. This seems like a plausible explanation. Is this the new way the Americans rule the earth?


More information:

Earlier OCCRP’s disclosures on this blog:

Sometimes this type of information is provided to another organisation of journalists, ICIJ, on this blog I mentioned:

Karlijn Kuipers: cv at Investico.

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