Protection of lawyers: publication of a feasibility study on a new European legal instrument | Council of Europe

The European Committee on Legal Co-operation (CDCJ) of the Council of Europe published a feasibility study on a new European legal instrument to protect the profession of lawyers, read the announcement and the study.

The study finds that the problems faces by the profession of lawyer, both individually and institutionally, are significant and seem to be becoming more extensive (page 6). In the study the Basic Principles are discussed (page 21 and further).

Assistance of the government (AML, CFT) threatening the independence of lawyers
In the study also attention is paid to the relatively new obligations of lawyers to detect and report financial economic crime (“anti-money laundering”, ‘AML’ ), that may interfere with the independence of lawyers. E.g. on the extent of the problems (pages 17/18):

At the same time, some potential sources of problems – such as measures to tackle money-laundering – are only beginning to emerge or be appreciated, so that the extent to which the profession of lawyer is either appropriately protected or at risk in member States may not yet be entirely clear.


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