New EU export rules also prohibit export of cyber-surveillance tools

Software companies have to be alert on the new EU export rules, that also cover cyber-surveillance tools. Read the press release Dual use goods: Parliament and EU ministers agree on new EU export rules:

* The EU will have new criteria for granting export licences for dual use products
* Cyber-surveillance tools will also be controlled
* Checks on the export of dual use products contribute to preventing human rights violations
* Dual use goods are products, software and technology that can be repurposed in ways which violate human rights

A new set of rules for exporting dual use products and technologies, including cyber-surveillance tools, were agreed on Monday.
The reviewed rules, agreed by Parliament and Council negotiators, govern the export of so-called dual use goods, software and technology – for example, high-performance computers, drones and certain chemicals – with civilian applications that might be repurposed to be used in ways which violate human rights.
The current update, made necessary by technological developments and growing security risks, includes new criteria to grant or reject export licenses for certain items.

Human rights and cyber-surveillance
Parliament negotiators, mandated by a 2018 report, have succeeded in substantially strengthening human rights considerations among those new criteria to avoid that certain surveillance and intrusion technologies exported from the EU contribute to human rights abuses.

Parliament negotiators
* got agreement on setting up an EU-wide regime to control cyber-surveillance items that are not listed as dual-use items in international regimes, in the interest of protecting human rights and political freedoms;
* strengthened member states’ public reporting obligations on export controls, so far patchy, to make the cyber-surveillance sector in particular more transparent;
* increased the importance of human rights as licensing criterion; and
* agreed on rules to swiftly include emerging technologies in the regulation.


More information in the press release Dual use goods: Parliament and EU ministers agree on new EU export rules.

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