FATF, the architect of the surveillance society, assessed the Dutch crime-fighting measures | AML, CFT

Yesterday the Dutch government announced that the FATF-evaluation of the Netherlands on crime-fighting (‘anti-money laundering’, ‘AML’, and anti terrorist financing) has been made definitive. The Dutch government later this year will comment on FATFs findings.

FATF is an undemocratic and unsupervised vehicle that is created and upheld by the U.S. and other large countries, that creates anti-crime legislation for the whole world that violates fundamental human rights. Simon Lelieveldt describes FATF as follows:

The FATF could be seen as the extended enforcement / intelligence arm of the US, geopolitically. It has succeeded to the extend that no one criticises their existence and legitimacy. But that doesn’t make things legitimate. See the longread here.

For the real picture on FATF read the twitter thread that Simon Lelieveldt published today (see also threadreader):



Information on the FATF-evaluation of the Netherlands

After having read the evaluation, I will comment on it on this blog.


Background information

For background information on FATF look at the sources Lelieveldt mentions in his twitter thread, e.g.:

Lelieveldt has a blog, with many articles discussing FATF.

On this blog I pay attention to anti-money laundering in general and the role of FATF.



Amendment 25 August 2022

Threadreader source added.

Amendment 29 August 2022
Most articles on the evaluation follow the news by the Dutch government. Of course sectoral organisations do not dare to be critical.
Some sectoral organisations: notaries (KNB), accountants (NBA).

Amendment 30 August 2022
I added my twitter comment in Dutch.

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