European Parliament | LIBE meeting on implementation GDPR

On 17 March the LIBE commission of the European Parliament held a meeting on the implementation of GDPR. Information is found in the press release on the meeting. One of the guests was Max Schrems, the famous dataprotection campaigner:

Kicking off the third panel, Maximilian Schrems (Honorary Chairman, European Center for Digital Rights NOYB) argued that procedural issues are currently the main problem for cross-border cases. He described issues with the availability and responsiveness of some data protection authorities. At the same time, the scope of complaints is defined differently across Europe: for example, in Austria, it is defined by the complainant, and in Ireland, by the national authority. Commenting on the one-stop-shop, Schrems argued that the mechanism is undermined by national authorities that do not participate in it with goodwill, for example by withholding evidence and documents. Also, some authorities are more transparent than others, publishing many more documents annually with the same operating budget. Efficiency can be an important factor alongside resources, argued Schrems.

European dataprotection EDRi before the meeting published recommendations for better GDPR enforcement:

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