Lie-detection for the world leaders and managers of large companies? 2022

The developments in facial recognition are going fast, including lie-detection: read TAU researchers are catching ‘liars’ at an unprecedented accuracy of 73% by measuring facial muscles’ movements.

It is an interesting development, it would be nice if the leaders of the world, like Zuckerberg, Biden and Xi Jinping, were subjected to these lie detection techniques. However, I would not be surprised if this does not happen and it is used for something else, read the TAU article:

Prof. Levy predicts: “In the bank, in police interrogations, at the airport, or in online job interviews, high-resolution cameras trained to identify movements of facial muscles will be able to tell truthful statements from lies. Right now, our team’s task is to complete the experimental stage, train our algorithms and do away with the electrodes. Once the technology has been perfected, we expect it to have numerous, highly diverse applications.”

Another example: anyone who wants to open a bank account is screened for lying by the bank’s digital assistant, a screening that is repeated every year as part of the mandatory update of the client’s risk profile under anti-money laundering legislation all over the world. This is a new world in which a lot of psychologists and psychiatrists will be needed to make sure that not everyone goes crazy.

By the way…
It is to be hoped that this new world will not yet become a reality in 2022.

Happy 2022!


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