European dataprotection and FATCA

The FATCA-victims of the United States also live in the UK. The British lawyer of one of these FATCA-victims, Mr. Filippo Noseda, published on the firm website correspondence on FATCA, and on the data security risks posed by the systems that are used by governments to exhange taxpayer information.

In a letter of 11 April 2020 Noseda writes that the European Commission was involved in the bilateral agreements the US concluded with all European countries and ignored data protection issues. In a previous letter, 7 April 2020, he comments on the position the European Commission has taken in regard of the accidental Americans.


More information:

* Page with correspondence

* Letter of 11 April 2020 to European Parliament and others regarding FATCA and data protection.

* Letter of 7 April 2020 to the European Parliament and others, regarding the fate of the Accidental Americans, with comments on the reply of commissioner Gentiloni on behalf of the European Commission.

* Other recent correspondence on data protection:

    • 5 May 2020 – letter to the UK data protection authority, ICO, regarding ICO’s COVID-19 statement for FATCA.
    • 1 May 2020 – letter to the OECD, on the existing data protection concerns in relation to the Common Transmission System (CTS).
    • 22, 26, 29 April 2020 – correspondence with the OECD on data protection and CTS.
    • 3, 9, 13 and 19 April 2020 – letters to European institutions on the data security risks caused by FATCA.
    • 6 March 2020 – letter to ICO
    • 16 November 2019 – letter to the Petitions Committee (PETI) of the European Parliament after the public hearing on FATCA.

* On this site: general explanation on FATCA and the accidental Americans (in Dutch), other articles on FATCA (partly in Dutch).


Addition 12 November 2020
Read European Commission was aware of fundamental rights issues of FATCA | PETI hearing on Noseda’s letter to the Chair of PETI.

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