Commission publishes guidance on key provisions of EU Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime

The European Commission in a press release announces it has published a Guidance Note on the new EU Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime. From the press release:

In the context of this regime, for the first time, the Commission is publishing guidance on the implementation of a Council Regulation on sanctions immediately after its adoption. The present Guidance Note reflects the more common questions received by the Commission in the context of other sanctions regimes, chiefly from EU banks and SMEs, but also from private citizens and NGOs. Many of these questions refer in particular to the humanitarian derogation and other exceptions; to financial transactions with persons linked to those who are listed; and to specific concepts such as the anti-circumvention clause. In turn, the purpose of the Note is to help prevent the more common implementation issues that EU operators can face when applying EU sanctions. More detailed analysis, on a case-by-case basis, can be sought from National Competent Authorities (NCA) in the Member States. The Note may be updated at a later stage, in light of possible new questions received from EU operators and NCAs.


More information:

  • Press release (html, pdf).
  • Guidance Note on the EU Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime.
  • Press release by the Council of the European Union of 7 December 2020 regarding the Decision and the Regulation establishing the EU Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime.
  • EEAS Questions and Answers: EU Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime
  • Information on EU sanctions policy and the new EU Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime
  • EU Sanctions Map.
  • EEAS (European External Action Service): general information on the objectives and scope of the regime in questions and answers.


Addition 24 March 2021
The Council’s decided on 22 March to impose sanctions on four Chinese officials and one entity. European Parliament: MEPs continue to firmly condemn human rights abuses in China, 23 March.
China and Russia don’t like the EU-sanctions: China and Russia seek allies against EU sanctions, EUObserver 24 March.

There is more to come: EU bereidt sancties tegen Myanmarese junta voor, De Standaard, 19 maart 2021.

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