Civic Space Watch newsletter

The European Civic Forum (ECF) published its April ‘Civic Space Watch’ newsletter with interesting articles.

European / international:

On specific countries: (introduction texts by ECF)

  • France: AI surveillance law, strikes, and protests met with unprecedented police violence: 1, 2. France/United Kingdom: French publisher Ernest Moret arrested by British police in London: article. Civil society and protesters continue to push back against the government’s controversial Separatism law, pension reforms, and AI surveillance measures: article.
  • United Kingdom: Civic freedom rating has changed from ‘narrow’ to ‘obstructed’ as the government implements restrictions on protests following worker’s strikes and climate protests. Anti-migrant attacks persist throughout the country: article.
  • Hungary: Anti-LGBT law and The European Court of Human Rights judgement in the Baka v. Hungary case: 1, 2.
  • Poland: Warsaw District Court convicts abortion rights activist Justyna Wydrzyńska: article.
  • Latvia: Latvia’s rating was upgraded to ‘open’ as CSOs in Latvia continue to strengthen public participation. However, there are still concerns over the state budget dedicated to CSO activities and the criminalisation of solidarity, article.
  • Greece: Criminal investigations opened against human rights defenders: article.
  • Serbia: Call For Solidarity – Protest leader criminally prosecuted by hospital administrator for calling out COVID-19 crisis mismanagement: article.

More information is to be found in the Civic Space Watch database.

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