Europa en de bankensector

Volgens Europa zetten banken zich ook in voor midden- en kleinbedrijf. In een Engelstalig bericht schrijft de European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) het volgende:

Whether you are a business owner, want to start one, or a financial intermediary, you have access to EU funds. The European Investment Bank provides credit lines to finance providers such as local banks and financial institutions, helping them develop their lending portfolio and offer greater access to credit to a wider range of clients. This support helps finance the medium and long-term loans offered to private sector firms, commercially run public-sector enterprises or even local authorities. The Bank invests €75 billion in over 400 projects in a typical year. While such loans must meet some conditions (e.g. increase local growth and employment or help protect the environment), they offer benefits such as long time-to-maturity and attractive pricing. The finance providers can also make use of the technical assistance offered both to the intermediaries and the final recipients.

In addition, EU microfinance support tools help microfinance providers (e.g. private or public banks, non-bank microfinance institutions and not-for-profit microcredit providers) to offer loans up to €25 000 for setting up or developing a small business. EU support includes not only loans but also guarantees, which help share the providers’ potential risk of loss. Microloan conditions for entrepreneurs vary depending on the provider, but the EU makes sure that priority goes to groups which have difficulty getting conventional credit, e.g. social enterprises and the unemployed. In addition, technical support is available for microcredit providers to help them build capacity.

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