Dumbing down of WordPress | request for the Happy Engineers of WP | of course no one listens

One of the irksome aspects of digitalization is that IT is getting more stupid. One of the examples is the interface of WordPress. What the developers of WordPress call simplification or improvement in reality is dumbing down of the interface.

The IT-sweethearts of WordPress now have moved the “WP Admin” menu down.


  • Choose ‘my sites‘ or ‘mijn sites’
  • Scroll down, on the left at the foot you will find ‘WP Admin
  • Choose ‘WP Admin’ and try to stay there. Making messages there and organizing your WordPress site works much better there.

Tip for the Happy Engineers of WordPress:
offer your users the possibility to never see the new stupid interface again and only work in the WP admin environment.

Of course no one will listen.
That is digital life.

Over Ellen Timmer

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