Mind the gap! Why the EU law enforcement gap is growing and what we can do to close it? | webinar 7 January 2021

Those interested in EU law enforcement can learn more in a webinar on 7 January, 1:00 PM. Among the speakers are Alex Brenninkmeijer, member of the European Court of Auditors and Mira Scholten, Utrecht University. One of the moderators is Sophie in’t Veld.


The EU is a mighty legislative machine, churning out laws at a high pace. But laws only matter if they are applied fully. Enforcement is the weak spot of the EU. Member States are lagging behind in transposing and applying EU laws. Hence, this is a decisive moment for the EU institutions tasked with ensuring the application of EU law. This webinar will explore what this means for the effectiveness and credibility of the European Union and what the various EU institutions can do to ensure the enforcement of EU law, and thereby the very foundation of our Union.



Over Ellen Timmer, advocaat ondernemingsrecht @Pellicaan

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