FATF has started a new typology project that will look at money laundering and terrorist financing vulnerabilities with regard to the legal profession (CC BE)

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has started a new typology project that will look at Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing vulnerabilities with regard to the legal profession. The FATF prepared a questionnaire aimed specifically at the legal profession. The questionnaire deals with:

• The application of anti-money laundering requirements
• Perceptions of risk and advice to members
• Supervision of members and ethical expectations
• Relationships with Financial Intelligence Units

The CC BE sent the questionnaire to delegations inviting member Bars and Law Societies to respond. Following the questionnaire, it is expected that the FATF will develop a typologies report identifying the money laundering and terrorist financing vulnerabilities of the legal profession. The FATF has indicated that the report could be a basis for a “Best practices paper” in the field of regulation and supervision of the legal profession. The CC BE is following developments.

Source: Council of Bars & Law Societies of Europe (CC BE) newsletter February 2013, page 4

Aanvulling 6 juni 2013
Op 5 juni 2013 stuurde de CC BE aan FATF een brief over de “Draft FATF typologies report on money laundering and terrorist financing vulnerabilities of legal professionals“. Men schrijft dat het concept rapport van FATF niet aan de verwachtingen voldoent:

Unfortunately, it appears that the report ended up as a compilation of “cases” regarding, to a large extent, hypotheses where lawyers would deliberately be involved in criminal activities in collusion with their clients.

Therefore, the typology initially foreseen to be prepared is absent from the report and the notion of “red flag” indicators have been utterly diverted from their initial objective. As a consequence the outcome of the project lacks interest and has no pedagogical purpose.

Aanvulling 5 november 2014
Vandaag heeft de IBA bekend gemaakt dat een AML-gids voor juristen is uitgebracht, lees dit bericht.

Over Ellen Timmer, advocaat ondernemingsrecht @Pellicaan

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